It’s Time to Write Your Novel

Hey writer. If you are struggling to write your novel, this is the course for you.

Ready to write your novel?

This is the course for you if…

  • You can’t find the time to write.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a novel.

  • You don’t know how to get your idea onto the page.

  • You’re looking for some accountability.

  • You want to join a Creative Writing class but don’t have the time.

  • You need help from a Creative Writing professional.

If you are ready to…

  • Finally make some progress on your novel.

  • Find out how to fit writing into your busy schedule.

  • Make consistent progress in your writing life.

  • Understand how to go from idea to publication, one step at a time.

  • It’s Time to Write Your Novel

Picture this…

No more writing woes, because you know when to write, what to write, and where to go next.

This masterclass has been developed for you, writer. It’s been created with you in mind, the person who wants to write but can’t find the time. The person who wants to create a novel but doesn’t know where to start. The person who isn’t sure what comes next when writing their novel. Imagine: Finding the time in your week to write. Sitting down and knowing exactly what you should be doing. Having a programme that keeps you accountable to the written word. Bite-size classes that you can actually fit into your day. Want to know what the class is all about? Take a look at the course content and watch the video below! That’s a half an hour video for free, full of value. You’ve got this, writer. This course is worth over £400, being sold for just £75. So, if writing is your dream, grab that opportunity today!

Your Course

40 Bite-Size classes that take you from procrastination to print.

  • 1

    Chapter 1 - Let’s Begin

    • Your Free Class

    • Class 1 - Welcome and Time Blocking.

    • Bonus Lesson - Your Creative Data

    • Class 2 - Writing Your Passion

    • Bonus Lesson - Your copy of The Ultimate Writer’s Planning Workbook

    • Class 3 - Characterisation. Our main character!

    • Class 4 - Plot

    • Class 5 - Plot Continued

    • Class 6 - Setting

    • Class 7 - Setting Continued

    • Class 8 - Character Arcs

    • Class 9 - Secondary and Tertiary Characters

    • Class 10 - Secondary and Tertiary Characters Continued

    • Bonus Lesson - Getting In The Creative Zone

  • 2

    Chapter 2 - Now We’re Getting Somewhere!

    • Class 1 - Grammatical Person

    • Class 2 - Tense

    • Class 3 - Planning Your Novel

    • Class 4 - Planning Your Novel Continued

    • Class 5 - Your Word Count

    • Class 6 - Dialogue

    • Class 7 - Writing Tips Before We Begin

    • Class 8 - Research

    • Class 9 - Incentives

  • 3

    Chapter 3 - Let’s Write

    • Class 1 - Motivation

    • Class 2 - Accountability

    • Class 3 - Blurbs

    • Class 4 - Finishing Your First Draft

    • Class 5 - Finishing Your First Draft Continued

    • Class 6 - Peer Review

    • Class 7 - Self Editing

    • Class 8 - Developing a Thick Skin

    • Bonus Lesson - Editing Next Steps

  • 4

    Chapter 4 - Get Noticed

    • Class 1 - Traditional Publishing

    • Class 2 - Self Publishing

    • Class 3 - Self Publishing Continued

    • Class 4 - Formatting

    • Class 5 - Marketing

    • Class 6 - Agents

    • Class 7 - Writing a Cover Letter

    • Class 8 - Writing a Synopsis

    • Class 9 - Social Media for Authors

    • Class 10 - Next Steps

40 classes for only £75

This bite-sized course is worth over £400, but has been priced at £75 to give you affordable access to your dream of writing a novel.

Your Instructor

Meet Dr Rachel Grosvenor, a writing coach and editor. Rachel is an experienced Creative Writing lecturer, who has spent years working in the literary field teaching adults of all experience levels.

Doctor of Creative Writing

Rachel Grosvenor

With a PhD, MA and BA in Creative Writing, and as a Certified Professional Coach, Dr Grosvenor has spent her life studying writing, and helping other authors achieve their dreams.

Invest in yourself.

This course has been designed to take you from idea to publication. If you want to achieve your dream of writing your novel, it’s time to invest. You’ll get…

  • 40 Bite-Size Classes designed to fit in with your busy schedule.

  • Access to Dr Grosvenor for any questions you have.

  • The foundations of writing a novel.

  • Workbooks to take you from idea to publication.

  • A writing course for only £75!

You’re the only person who can write your novel.

Everyone needs a hand sometimes, so why not invest in yourself and take advantage of a fantastic opportunity. This is your chance to finally get your novel written!